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A note of gratitude…

Happy new year, Christie! I wanted to send a note of gratitude for your quality care later last year. I have really turned a corner in recovering from severe pelvic pain. I attribute this to working with you. I really had a shift and saw a dramatic lessening of the fear Around the pain itself. I’ve really been able to push myself into doing things. I didn’t think my body would respond well to like speed walking and hiking. I feel like I have my life back. Thank you so very much. Blessings to you!


Landing in Tucson…

Hello!  I just wanted to let you know that I am currently landing in Tucson and emailing you from the plane. Praise God that I am on this plane and that he led me to you. I did it and I’m going to keep doing it!!!!  Thank you so much for sharing your amazing God given talent with me. With much love!

Kim H.

After years of struggle…

After years of struggle I was finally able to achieved my goal! Great person and very friendly. Thank you so much.

Gabriel H.

My life has improved dramatically

Since my first session with Christie, my life has improved dramatically.  For over a decade, I had suffered with chronic insomnia.  After early self-treatment, it became clear that the use of over-the-counter medications was not successful.  Over time, I began taking a frightening array of prescription medications:  anti-anxiety drugs and sleep medications prescribed by my family physician and later, a Sleep Disorder Specialist.  I also underwent three sleep studies.  At times, medications would work, but eventually, they would lose their effectiveness.  Dosages were increased and different drug combinations were tried.  Ultimately, I was back where I started; little or no sleep, struggling to function each day.  Other medical issues arose as well.  My blood pressure climbed and I experienced eye pressure.  Subsequent tests showed no specific cause; the diagnosis – sleep deprivation.

When I thought that every possible treatment had been tried (and failed), fate intervened.  I ran into an acquaintance who recommended hypnotherapy; specifically, Christie Casaday.  In our first session, we talked about the main reason I was seeking help. Her understanding and insight instilled confidence in me.  She recorded the hypnosis segment of the session and gave me a copy to use at home for reinforcement.  Any skepticism I might have had ceased that first night.  I SLEPT!  By the third day, my eye pressure was gone and the daily fogginess I had lived with for so long had vanished.  Sleep comes easily and readily.  I have yet to hear the entire forty minutes of the CD.  I feel refreshed and invigorated.  Restorative sleep has allowed me to stop taking ANY sleeping medications and permitted me to relax and finally “turn off my mind”.

Friends and family who were aware of the struggle I’d endured with insomnia have been amazed and I have recommended Christie to them for a variety of reasons.  As I have quoted to them, “If it works for me, it will work for anyone!”  For regaining control of my life through all I have learned from Christie, I am deeply grateful.

Jeannine K.

I have not touched tobacco for over 4 years

Thank you very, very much!   You changed my life.

Don Abrams

I am amazed that I have been able to quit so easily.

Many thanks to you!!! When I think back to how addicted I was to cigarettes and snuff, I am amazed that I have been able to quit so easily. You helped me improve my life and health. That is an amazing thing to do for another human being !


I find hypnotherapy extremely helpful

As a sleep medicine specialist, I find hypnotherapy extremely helpful for such problems as insomnia related to inability to quell one’s thoughts, for anxiety and claustrophobia that interfere with use of CPAP masks, for sleepwalking and as adjunctive therapy for restless legs syndrome.

I have known Christie Casaday for years and have been most impressed with her skills and sincerity and the effectiveness of her services. I am deeply grateful for what she has done to help my patients in need.

Robert W. Clark, MD

Medical Director, The Columbus Community Health Regional Sleep Disorders Center

I was subject to panic attacks

I was first introduced to Christie Casaday by a doctor friend of mine. He was more than aware of my anxiety and knew I was subject to panic attacks coupled with a fear of flying. Anyway after a few sessions of hypnotherapy and support from recorded messages, I showed considerable improvement. Although I am not completely “cured” my sleep problems are much better and I have been taught to deal with anxious moments and haven’t had a panic attack in more than one year. I told my doctor friend “Christie had made a believer out of me.” His reply” “You don’t have to believe in hypnosis. It’s a science not a religion.” I have referred a couple of friends to Christie with other problems who were more than happy with her professional approach and the results of hypnosis.

Richard D.

Our session left me refreshed

I wanted you to know that our session on Saturday left me refreshed, relaxed, and very renewed. My Easter resurrection was one of joy and peace!! I know that my life is filled with the love of my God and the wisdom and guidance to fulfill my purpose. I have so much energy and never worry about what will happen next or how I will deal with life. Without worry and burden, I am free to enjoy myself and others and spread joy. Thank you for your love, patience, and wisdom. See you soon.

Love, Sandy

With Christie’s amazing guidance

My name is Beth.   After 14 years of debilitating, chronic pain and going from doctor to doctor, over 30 of them, I was really at the end of my rope in a deep depression and really in despair. A friend told me about Christie and I was ready for a big change in my life so I made an appointment. I was scared and nervous about going, but Christie immediately set me at ease and I felt like I was with a dear friend. I reclined int that fabulous chair and my life never felt such joy, such peace, such amazing energy flow through me in such beautifully large amounts. Christie’s soothing voice guides you through every step.

With Christie’s amazing guidance I was able to let go of so much “stuff” that I was keeping locked up in pain and once I released it mentally, my body followed and pretty much all my pain is gone!! I never realized how powerful the Body/Mind connection is until I truly experienced it for myself. Christie, in my opinion, is a powerful and talented hypnotist who helped facilitate healing in my life. She is so right; our minds are so powerful we just have to learn how to use it correctly and with love. Christie is a kindred spirit with a kind heart and beautiful soul who is truly a gift from God to us all. I have sent four people to Christie and they have been blown away by good they feel. If you are considering doing this make sure you are willing to change. It is so important to reinforce what Christie teaches you. It will be the most rewarding work you will ever do because it is for the peace of your mind, body and spirit. I have been to so many doctors and know what it feels like to feel powerless and at their mercy. For the first time, I feel like I have power and am empowered and am looking at myself and my life in a new and exciting way.

Because of Christie, I am starting my massage practice and moving forward with my life with joy. It is so amazing how fast things can change when you experience the facilitation of hypnosis from Christie. I am TRULY GRATEFUL!!!!! I would overwhelmingly recommend Christie to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life. I have never experienced anything like it and wish I could see her once a week!!!! So stay hopeful if you are struggling and go see Christie. You will be so happy you did.

Beth A.

Words cannot express how grateful I am

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you are a caring woman blessed with deep understanding and a wealth of knowledge. Since our first meeting. My entire life has changed! The fear and anxiety that held me back have been replaced with a calm, quiet inner confidence. My stress has been reduced significantly. I sleep better, laugh more, eat healthier and enjoy each moment to the fullest. My thinking has become much clearer. Decisions are easier to make. I focus on the task at hand much better. Life is Joyful!!

My soul has been refreshed and renewed by the deep understanding that I am worthy of all the best the Universe offers to me. I look forward to each day with a joyful heart. Every task is cheerfully accomplished. It is an unbelievable feeling; I do less and accomplish more with greater joy.

Thank you for helping me to recover my life.  With a grateful heart!

Sandy K.

I felt energized, and at peace at the same time

I am the originator of an event at my agency that is dedicated to enhancing the health and well being of our employees. I consider myself very learned in this area, and it is very important to me. I am usually described as a very energetic, positive person, and I feel “good” most of the time. Christie was one of our presenters at this event, and I was very surprised at my extreme outcome after experiencing her “session”. This was the second annual event of its kind, and the previous year I left work feeling exhausted. Christie was our last presenter. I had expected to feel exhausted at the end of the day, but, after her presentation, I felt amazing! In fact, I did not know how “bad” I was feeling until I felt as good as I felt. I went into the weekend on cloud nine-feeling like I could conquer the world. I felt energized, and at peace at the same time. I do not ever remember feeling that good in all of my life!   Thank you, Christie.

Jackie M.

I recently began hypnosis

I recently began hypnosis with you to obtain my weight loss goals.

For me, so much of weight loss is a mental game. I’ve understood the dynamics of losing weight for many years, but have always been defeated by the mental aspects of losing weight and keeping it off.

Like many people, I was skeptical of hypnosis. I wasn’t sure that it was right for me. I went into the first session not really sure what to expect. You immediately put me at ease. After that first session, I no longer had a desire to drink Diet Mountain Dew, which had been my sole source of fluids for more years than I remember. Going into the session, I had no intention of giving up the diet soda. I knew it wasn’t the best thing to be drinking, but come on, after all it was diet. Not only have I given up the diet soda-I don’t even want to drink one. It has absolutely no appeal to me.

Since I started sessions with you, I have totally changed my diet and started an exercise routine. I’m, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables: only whole grains; little or no sugar, pasta, or processed foods; and drinking lots of water. I’ve started taking supplements to help my body adjust to the weight loss. I’m walking every day and doing yoga weekly. So far I’ve lost fifteen pounds in the first six weeks.

I can honestly say, that I have completely stopped the emotional eating I have been doing over the last twenty years. For the first time I sincerely believe that I will reach my desired goal weight. I’m, also experiencing increased levels of confidence and self-esteem. I can’t remember when I’ve felt better-physically and mentally.

In addition to all of the positive benefits of hypnosis sessions with you, I have found it to be emotionally and intellectually stimulating.

I have absolutely no doubt that hypnosis is a tool I will continue to use to overcome any obstacle in my life. I feel like I’ve discovered the Holy Grail. I never realized how powerful the mind really is, and look forward to continuing my exploration of it.

Carolyn J.

Christie’s professional and sincere approach

Christie Casaday has been able to help me through my cancer condition by enabling me to relax and focus my body’s healing ability on irradiating the disease. Christie’s professional and sincere approach to hypnosis is beneficial beyond description. Please be willing to accept her techniques, and you to will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Chris H.

Enhancing my life through hypnosis!

I really wanted to take a moment to thank you for changing my thought process and enhancing my life through hypnosis! I came to you because as I am aging I realize my diet was not as it should be. For 39 years I successfully avoided eating healthy foods and more specifically, vegetables! As you age your metabolism changes and if I did not learn to eat healthy I feared I would gain allot of weight. It was important for me to want to eat vegetables. After our first session I began to eat vegetables, and like them! It was like opening up a whole new world when I went to the grocery store! As I listened to your tapes (our sessions) I would begin to learn more and more about my mind and how to control other aspects of my life as well. Years later, now, I still listen to our sessions and get something new out of them each and every time. The mind truly is an amazing thing and I have learned so much more about it through my sessions with you! I cannot Thank You enough for making “my world” a better place!! I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know! You are truly a talented hypnotherapist.


Smoking Cessation – Columbus, Ohio

People come in from all over Ohio and other States to see Christie Casaday Consulting Hypnotist. for Smoking Cessation.

Why? Because Hypnosis is very effective for quitting smoking.

Christie has over 29 years of experience helping people with the tool of hypnosis to quit bad habits. Hypnosis enables the conscious and subconscious mind to hear and believe the same message.

Just recently, Christie had a client who smoked for over 30 years quit in just a few sessions.

For more information give Christie a call at 614-853-1003

The Power of Hypnosis and Weight Loss is a Dynamic Process

Just recently a client came to see me and after a series of sessions she has lost 23 lbs. She said to me “This was so easy”. She had tried everything and nothing worked up until now.

She lost an average of three pounds per week. Hypnosis enables the conscious and subconscious mind to hear and believe the same message.

For more information give Christie a call at 614-853-1003

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