Everything and everybody that comes into your life is there for one of two purposes: either to heal you or to be healed by you of some wrong attitude of mind, body or affairs. Everything and everybody in your life is there to press you into more good, or so that you may draw out of them more good.
Catherine Ponder

A competent consulting hypnotherapist, like me, working with highly suggestible clients, can help create change for one’s betterment. Relaxation can be induced to relieve pressures of stress at home and at work or to alleviate sleep disturbances; habit problems can be brought under control, whether smoking, overeating, alcohol drugs or unwanted mannerisms.

Hypnosis, with physician referral, has proved effective in countless physical and mental illnesses, dealing with phobias, degenerative conditions, anesthesia requirements and especially attitude modifications.

Hypnosis can create the all-important positive attitude necessary for well-being in one’s life. It can enhance learning, develop motivation, build confidence, improve relationship with self and others and attract positive conscious awareness.

Nearly anyone can be hypnotized and is hypnotized at least 25% of their day.